Power Of The Storm by Keith R Wahl, Made From RI Gallery

October 25, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

Storm Epsilon of October churns hundreds of miles off the coast of Rhode Island. The storm also produces swells that bring surfers from miles around. It also produces an impressive display of power on the rocky shore of Narragansett.

I have a strange attraction to these storms. I am antsy in one sense and fascinated by another. I have been at sea on ships when the water churns. That's antsy. All skills come to bear when on a ship. Taking steps need extra skill, let alone taking a turn at the wheel.

Onshore, observation warrants extra skill too. These waves can kill observers (and do so on an annual basis). I use a great deal of care in doing this photography task. I take time plotting the wind and tide. I make an appropriate footwear selection. I plot the timing of the waves. I only place my feet on dry spots on solid rock (nothing that might roll under my feet). I use the lens. I have people observing me with cell phones ready.

But the display of power is amazing. There is a thunderous sound that is awesome in every sense of the word. One can feel both insignificant in some moments. In other moments, one feels as if bestowed with an honor seeing these scenes. This is the nature of the Ocean State.

Storm Epsilon: Cresting Wave

StormEpsilon_CrestingWave_20201024_850_9018Storm Epsilon: Cresting WaveStorm Epsilon of October delivers a powerful cresting wave to the Rhode Island Shore at Black Point in Narragansett.

Storm Epsilon: Powerful

StormEpsilon_Powerful_20201024_850_8718Storm Epsilon: PowerfulPower expressed as Storm Epsilon of October 2020 strikes the shore of Narragansett, Rhode Island at Black Point.

Storm Epsilon: Black Point Sweep

StormEpsilon_BlackPointSweep__20201024_850_9264Storm Epsilon: Black Point SweepA sweeping of ocean swells meeting the Black Point Shore in Narragansett, Rhode Island.

Storm Epsilon: Black Point Surge

StormEpsilon_BlackPointSurge_20201024_850_9288Storm Epsilon: Black Point SurgeAfter the waves break they continue to surge upon the rocks at Black Point, Narragansett, Rhode Island.

Storm Epsilon: The Crash

StormEpsilon_TheCrash_20201024_850_9215StormEpsilon: TheCrashOnce the wave reaches the shore, the energy must go somewhere. It's merely Newtonian Physics. The matter, water, is along for the ride. These are the results of Storm Epsilon at Black Point, Narragansett, Rhode Island.

Storm Epsilon: The Crest

StormEpsilon_TheCrest_20201024_850_9204Storm Epsilon: The CrestStorm Epsilon's wave crests as it prepares to meet the shore at Black Point, Narragansett, Rhode Island.

Photos from our Made From RI Gallery portfolio display "Seascape/Shoreline" (all photos are available as prints, canvas wraps, framed works, cards, or many other formats). 

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