Visiting Places: The University of Rhode Island, Kingston, Rhode Island by Keith R Wahl

June 17, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

Sometimes, one just needs to get out for a walk; a long walk. This past weekend, our whole family felt that way. So the four of us packed into the van and drove around the corner to the University of Rhode Island (URI) in Kingston, Rhode Island. 

Now, I confess that despite both my wife and I being native Rhode Islanders, we did not attend URI. Personally, I was educated in Boston, Massachusetts, and did my graduate work in Connecticut. The only URI class that I ever attended was in Marine Affairs, Admiralty Law to be specific, and that was at the Naval Education and Training Center in Newport, Rhode Island. 

As a result of not having attended or spent a great deal of time at the Kingston campus of URI, the exploring of the campus is sort of an adventure, a personal safari of sorts. Here is what we have discovered:

We feel welcome there... in fact, the Botanical Garden has art saying so... 

WelcomeURIGardens_20200614_D56_0242WelcomeSometimes, one needs to feel welcome. At the University of Rhode Island Botanical Garden, they have a sign making one feel "welcome". There is a contrast of old and new. Such as a new Engineering building with glass reflecting the "old engineering" of a smokestack...

URIEngineering_20200614_D56_0284HDRURI Engineering Old And NewThe University of Rhode Island has a new Engineering Building. In the reflection of the glass is the smokestack of some representing engineering and architecture of the past.

There are beautiful flowers there in wonderful lighting situations. Do you need a sense of "calm"? Then a visit to the Botanical Garden is order...

PeeringIntoThePeony_20200614_D56_0135HDRPeering Into The PeonyViewing the tissue-like textures of a Peony in the tree covered shadows of the University of Rhode Island Botanical Garden

There are artworks to consider and contemplate. Consider the mathematical rendering of "Torsion III" by Jamestown, RI's Peter Diepenbrock...

URISculpture_20200614_D56_0323HDRLight and Shadow at Torsion IIIViewing light and shadow in mathematical mystery of the "Torsion III" sculpture in front of Lippit Hall at the University of Rhode Island campus, Kingstown, RI

In short, the University of Rhode Island Kingston Campus is more than just a place to visit, but a place to walk, peruse and become immersed in textures of the living and inanimate, the old and the new. 

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