Chief Canonchet, Narragansett by Keith R Wahl, Made From RI Gallery

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ChiefCanonchetNarragansett_20200723_850_2008Chief Canonchet Narragansett The statue of Chief Canonchet against blue skies on the green in Narragansett, Rhode Island

The statue of Chief (Sachem) Canonchet against blue skies on the green at Gazebo Park in Narragansett, Rhode Island. The statue was designed and executed by Robert K. Carsten of Providence and installed in March 1977.

As noted on the plaque below the statue, using the words of historian Thomas Bicknell, "During King Philip’s War, Canonchet, the sachem of the Narragansetts, led his people in battle against colonists from Massachusetts and Connecticut. He survived the Great Swamp Fight of 1675, during which 300 warriors were killed and another 350 captured. He later led attacks on the villages of Warwick and Wickford before he was captured in 1676 near Pawtucket and killed.  After his death, his people remained on the property that is now known as Canonchet Farm."

This is a remake of a previous photo that I shot on this subject. The prior photo is in the book "God, War, and Providence: The Epic Struggle of Roger Williams and the Narragansett Indians against the Puritans of New England" – June 12, 2018, by James A. Warren (the link leads to the book site on Amazon).

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