Sunset Sights At Beavertail by Keith R Wahl, Made From RI Gallery

August 30, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

A visit to Beavertail Point is always a visual treat. In reality, it is a treat for the senses. The stimulation of the sense of smell from the saltwater and the various flowers perfumes the air. The air itself captivates the skin with a change in temperature and texture.

But here we focus on the visual. The sun streams around clouds, the moon rises, birds soar overhead. Clouds and fog sweep overhead and waves meet the shore. The quintessential summer evening.

Beavertail To Narragansett

BeavertailToNarragansett_20200826_850_7347Beavertail To NarragansettA sunset view from Beavertail to Point Judith (from Jamestown, RI to Narragansett, RI)
Photographed from Beavertail Point, Conanicut Island, Jamestown, Rhode Island

Beavertail Twilight Sky

BeavertailTwilightSky_20200826_850_7075Beavertail Twilight SkyA twilight sky over Beavertail Lighthouse. Clouded in a bit of fog, the moon apears through the wisps of clouds. A perfect summer evening as a bird bridges the space between the lighthouse and the Moon.

Beavertail Glorious Sky

BeavertailGloriousSky_20200826_850_7277Beavertail Glorious SkyViewing a glorious summer sunset sky over Narragansett from Beavertail Point.
Photographed from Beavertail Point, Conanicut Island, Rhode Island

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