Jelly On The Beach by Keith R Wahl, Made From RI Gallery

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I am an enthusiast of the Naturalist Illustrations. There is something about the discipline of precise illustration resulting in an architectonic style.

The symbolism of Naturalist Illustration also evokes thoughts of the epoch of exploration. A time where people were observing their fellow planetary denizens with wide-eyed wonder. Curiosity was the rule and finding answers was the goal.

There are differences between Naturalist and Scientific Illustration. Both are very close in their themes. Scientific Illustration tends to be a hyperrealistic presentation. The scientist wants to know of the structure and systemic relationship.

Naturalist Illustration explores species fisionomy and the environment of the environmental areas. The result is a rigorous representation. There is also composition, the light on the elements, and other artistic elements.

This all brings us to some photos of what happens at the beach in an extreme low tide. Jellyfish cover the sand. One sees the environment (including a tiny crab). Also viewed are the transparent/translucent structure and relationship to sand and water.

Exploration, discovery, curiosity, and observation combined. How delightful.

Jelly On The Beach Close Up

CloseUpJellyOnTheBeach20200920_850_2463Jelly On The Beach Close Up A jellyfish marooned on Narragansett Town Beach in an extreme low tide.

Jelly On The Beach

JellyOnTheBeach20200920_850_2463Jelly On The BeachA jellyfish marooned on Narragansett Town Beach in an extreme low tide.

Photos are from our Made From RI Gallery portfolio display "Nature/Wildlife" (all photos are available as prints, canvas wraps, framed works, cards, or many other formats). See more here:

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