The Moon Is Our Backdrop Part Two: Fishing, And Contentment by Keith R Wahl, Made From RI Gallery

September 02, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

A late summer evening at East Matunuck State Beach is an experience in peace. A little quiet with the family on a walk. Contentment. Watching the activity of the Port of Galilee. The moon rises in its kindness and provides a perfect punctuation

Peaceful Beach

PeacefulBeach_20200830_850_8432Peaceful BeachSome go to East Matunuck to swim. Some go to get their feet in the sand. Some go because it is beautiful. On this moonlit night, it has been these and more. All together, it translates to contentment.

Heading Where The Fish Are

HeadingWhereTheFishAre_20200830_850_8311Heading Where The Fish AreWhen a fishing boat leaves Galilee at sunset on a Sunday evening beneath the moon, they are heading to where the fish are. The life of a shoreline fishing village.

Looking Back

LookingBack_20200830_850_8552Looking BackWhenever I visit a beach in the evening, I have a tendency to look back one more time before I leave. It's a form of procrastination. I look back once. Then I look back again. But when I am at East Matunuck and it looks like this, can you blame me?

Photo from our Made From RI Gallery portfolio display "Boats" and "Summer At The Beach" (all photos are available as prints, canvas wraps, framed works, cards, or many other formats). 

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