Ancient Rocking Chair In Meadow by Keith R Wahl, Made From RI Gallery

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Ancient Rocking Chair In Meadow

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Ancient Rocking Chair In Meadow 20211013 850_2234Ancient Rocking Chair In Meadow

There are times where one sees an object or a scene in passing and captures the image for no reason. Well, no other reason than it is interesting. One looks at the scene and asks if this is something that Hopper or Homer or Wyeth would find interesting.

While I do not have the audacity to rank myself among such artistic talents, the scene interests me. An early autumn morning, the grasses and foliage are changing color, and a rocking chair. The chair is well past its summer prime, but one imagines that it has stories to tell. I don't know if it had summers of chatting with friends or rocking little ones to sleep. But now the chair sleeps in the fall of its life in this dewy autumnal morning scene.

I would hope that I am seeing something that these masters mentioned would see. If not, I find the composition and the story interesting. And somehow, in these dews and damps, the rocking chair seems fitting at this moment. 


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