Autumn Leaves Near Home by Keith R Wahl, Made From RI Gallery

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Autumn Leaves Near Home

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Autumn Leaves Near Home 20211015 850_2288Autumn Leaves Near HomeAutumn leaves in fall colors

When I was a young boy, there would come a day every fall where my grandfather would meet me outside. I passed his house daily as I walked home from school where he would often meet me. He would let me know that he wanted me to come by the next weekend because the leaves were about to fall.

So when the weekend came, my grandfather, always the artist would take the time to teach me about leaves. He taught me as an artist in the gentle manner that grandfathers teach without lecturing. He talked about the colors of the leaves and how they blew in the winds off of Narragansett Bay. He told me to look at the light and how it made the leaves shine. He talked about the deep rich colors as opposed to the more pale hues. Then he would have me pick some of my favorite leaves.

After the lesson as my grandmother would prepare us lunch, we would go to Grandpa's study. There, he would work his magic of science mixed with art to preserve my leaves for school projects.

Years later, my grandparents had sold their home and moved into an apartment. But when I was in college, Grandpa (then in his 90s) still held to his lesson of leaves. He would go out and find some leaves from near his old home, preserve them, wrap them in onion paper. He would place them in a sturdy envelope and send the leaves to me at school. And the note would always say, "The leaves before they fall, from our home. I always remember our Saturdays."

Autumn Leaves In Yellow, Orange, and Green

Autumn Leaves In Yellow, Orange, and Green 20211015 850_2291Autumn Leaves In Yellow, Orange, and GreenFall colors on Autumn Leaves

Autumn Leaves With Shadows Cast

Autumn Leaves With Shadows Cast 20211015 850_2292Autumn Leaves With Shadows CastAutumn leaves with shadows cast

Reds Cast Before Greens And Yellow

Reds Cast Before Greens And Yellow 20211015 850_2295Reds Cast Before Greens And YellowRed autumnal leaves cast before greens and yellows

Shadows And Movement In The Wind

Shadows And Movement In The Wind 20211015 850_2298Shadows And Movement In The WindShadows and movement in the wind as the leaves cling to the tree in Autumn

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