Autumnal Annaquatucket by Keith R Wahl, Made From RI Gallery

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Autumnal Annaquatucket Mill Pond

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Autumnal Annaquatucket Mill Pond 20211015 850_2283Autumnal Annaquatucket Mill PondA bright Autumn mid-afternoon at the Annaquatucket Mill Pond

Annaquatucket Autumn Afternoon

Annaquatucket Autumn Afternoon 20211015 850_2287Annaquatucket Autumn AfternoonA bright Autumn mid-afternoon at the Annaquatucket Mill Pond

We are fortunate in Rhode Island. Fall foliage arrives a little later in Southern New England, but it is no less spectacular. By the middle of October, the leaves begin to change in earnest and the fall color becomes part of our days.

This is the case driving by a former mill pond (mill ponds also being common to Rhode Island). On a bright October afternoon, the high sun highlights the change of leaves from green to orange and red. Observing the blue sky above, the clouds have started to take on their autumnal puffiness.

One must be observant to catch this view. It is in plain sight along a busy road. School buses are driving by as schools let out. If one does not glance to the right, we miss the view.

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