Bissel Cove Dawn Reflections by Keith R Wahl, Made From RI Gallery

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Bissel Cove Dawn Reflections

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Bissel Cove Dawn Reflections 20211013 850_2237Bissel Cove Dawn ReflectionsAs the sun breaks in the east and reflects off of a house in the west at the head of Bissel Cove in North Kingstown, Rhode Island

Kayaks Resting At Dawn

Kayaks Resting At Dawn 20211013 850_2245Kayaks Resting At DawnKayaks at rest as dawn breaks at the head of Bissel Cove

The Dawning Of Bissel Cove

The Dawning Of Bissel Cove 20211013 850_2240The Dawning Of Bissel CoveDawn spreads over autumnal Bissel Cove in North Kingstown, Rhode Island

When I was young and sailing on the deck of ships, my favorite watch to stand was 0400 to 0800. My routine was to perform my primary watch tasks at the top of the watch. I would then take a fresh cup of coffee (which I made) and take a few minutes to watch the sunrise. Then I would resume my responsibilities until my relief arrived.

This was my favorite time. The dawn was quiet and I was able to see the dawn with nobody else around to disturb the sight. It was often in port, and more often underway. In either case, it was a few minutes to take as my own. It was also time that I would organize my thoughts and what I needed to do that day.

I continued the habit in college. I was up before dawn and would walk to the nearby beach, a cup of coffee in hand before the day of classes started.

And the habit is still in practice as we see here in Bissel Cove. The light is starting to appear and reflections are all around. Glass on houses catches the sun before it appears above the trees. And kayaks are ready for a paddle as the fog lifts and illumination fills the cove. Joy comes in the morning.


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