Conimicut Beachcombing by Keith R Wahl, Made From RI Gallery

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Conimicut Quahog Shell

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Conimicut Quahog Shell 20210914 850_0384Conimicut Quahog ShellA quahog shell upon the beach at Conimicut Point in Warwick, Rhode Island

Beachcombing seems simple, but can be a complex and fun learning experience. Rhode Island boasts more than four hundred miles of coastline. A lot of that area is the beach. So there is a lot of areas to comb.

Not all Rhode Island beaches are homogeneous as a group. In fact, there is a great deal of variety and diversity. They range from soft sand to course and then to rock. Life here possesses equal variety.

Where these photos are on Conimicut Beach, the sand is rougher. The shells have washed up and bleached, but are of the steamer clam and Quahog varieties. Scattered amongst these are oyster shells. These are the shells of the bay tossed up on the sand built upon a spit of land by the rushing tidal currents. The shells are worn and the ridges are made prominent by the sand and tide.

And given the sand and tide at Conimicut, one shell serves as a melancholy caution. A quahog shell that is part of a memorial for a life lost to the collapsing sand and rushing tide. Beachcombing is a learning experience, but we must respect the nature of these areas. Though they look calm, they are wild.

Conimicut Beach Clam Shell

Conimicut Beach Clam Shell 20210914 850_0382Conimicut Beach Clam ShellA clam shell partially buried in the sand at Conimicut Beach in Warwick, Rhode Island

Conimicut Oyster

Conimicut Oyster 20210914 850_0386Conimicut OysterAn oyster shell on Conimicut Beach in Warwick, Rhode Island

Clam Shell In Seaweed at Conimicut

Clam Shell In Seaweed at Conimicut 20210914 850_0391Clam Shell In Seaweed at ConimicutA clam shell in the seaweed at Conimicut Point in Warwick, Rhode Island

Quahog Memorial

Quahog Memorial 20210914 850_0392Quahog MemorialA quahog shell on an improvised memorial at Conimicut Point in Warwick, Rhode Island

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