Dawn Painting A Gunkhole. Photography and Text by Keith R Wahl

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Dawn Painting Bissel Cove

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Dawn Painting Bissel Cove 20211013 850_2258Dawn Painting Bissel CoveThe dawning sun gently paints Bissel Cove with its light

While I worked on ships, my occupation of early days was on small boats. Catboats were an obsession (and still are) but most boats were small of the small overnight type. This meant that a great deal of time gunkholing.

I see a hand raised in the back there. What is gunkholing? Gunkholing is the practice of cruising shallow or shoal waters. Meandering from place to place. Dropping anchor and spending nights in coves and along marshes and rivers. In other words, exploring areas that cannot be otherwise explored except by a small boat. 

Why gunkhole? Because it is only by gunkholing that we discover scenes where the sun rises above the fog. Seeing the sun beak above a small peninsula. Viewing the Jamestown Bridge in the distance of the peninsula of Rome Point. I discovered Bissel Cove in North Kingstown in a small catboat as a youngster and have sought it out ever since. Gunkholes, despite the oddness of the name, are desirable places. 

Morning Color At Bissel Cove

Morning Color At Bissel Cove 20211013 850_2247Morning Color At Bissel CoveAs dawn breaks over Bissel Cove and the light fog starts to dissapate, reflections shimmer.

Early Sunlight Washing Across Bissel Cove

Early Sunlight Washing Across Bissel Cove 20211013 850_2248Early Sunlight Washing Across Bissel CoveThe sun pierces the vale of subtle fog and makes itself known as it rises over Bissel Cove

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