Fall Maple Leaves. Photography and Text by Keith R Wahl

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Backlit Fall Maple Leaf 

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Backlit Fall Maple Leaf 20211022 850_2441Backlit Fall Maple Leaf A maple leaf in a grove of trees backlit in the afternoon sun

The Maple leaf is the icon of Fall. It's undeniable. When one considers Fall Foliage, the mind springs to images of Maple leaves. The visual prompt comes from the size of the leaf as well as the array of colors displayed.

Maple leaves turn to a variety of colors as chlorophyll recedes. The greens turn to reds, oranges, and yellows in rapid succession.

The added factor to consider is light. The custom is to view leaves with the light shining down on them. I like to turn that idea around and observe the Fall leaves with the light from behind them. In this manner, we see the entire character of the leaves. There is a translucent glow that highlights the color in a different way. And the difference is amazing.

Glowing In The Wind

Glowing In The Wind 20211022 850_2439Glowing In The WindAfternoon sunlight filtering through the trees backlights a maple leaf in its fall coloring

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