Leaping To Flight. Photography and Text by Keith R Wahl.

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Leaping To Flight 

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Leaping To Flight 20210918 850_0766Leaping To Flight A shorebird leaping into flight as the surf comes in beneath

Yielding Sand To Surf

Yielding Sand To Surf 20210918 850_0766 CYielding Sand To SurfShorebirds leaping into flight as the surf touches their piece of sand

Flying Out Of The Surf

Flying Out Of The Surf 20210918 850_0766 BFlying Out Of The SurfA shorebird flying out of the surf at East Beach in Charlestown, Rhode Island

I have always found a special pleasure in watching Plovers of various types on the beach. Plovers come in varieties but all share general characteristics. They are small wading birds who frequent Rhode Island's southern shore. Plovers tend to entertain as they dodge in and out of the surf seeking sustenance. They have a comedic "Keystone Cop" type of action as they follow the surf out and then retreat as the surf returns.

In some cases, an incoming wave will catch our Plovers unawares. In this case, surprising two of our friends. Their surprise shows in their sudden leap to flight. In the end, they land. They are always adapting to the waves on the fly.


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