Oh Day's Early Light by Keith R Wahl, Made From RI Gallery

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Oh Day's Early Light 

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Oh Day's Early Light 20211013 850_2155Oh Day's Early Light A small sailboat and paddleboard highlighted in the early dawn light at Bissel Cove in North Kingstown, Rhode Island

For many years, O'Day was a manufacturer of boats over the Rhode Island line in Fall River, MA. Their sailboats were and are still prevalent up and down the east coast of the United States and beyond. They built a wide range of boats from smaller to coastal cruising sizes. Their boats came from some of the finest yacht designers from Uffa Fox and Philip Rhodes to C. Raymond Hunt. I sailed many of their boats myself, owned a couple, and surveyed many more.

Among the small boat models, O'Day featured kick-up rudders and centerboards. This made the boats easy to sail into shallow waters or pull up on the beach. The scene of a small O'Day on the beach became ubiquitous up and down the coast. We still find this more than twenty years after O'Day closed its doors and produced its last boats.

As the sun breaks over the beach at Bissel Cove, this iconic boat frames out the sunrise over the West Passage. Narragansett Bay illuminates and there is a glow on the opening of the day. And the scene is reminiscent and real at the same time.


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