Quahog Shell On A Canvas Of Sand. Photography and Text by Keith R Wahl

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Quahog Shell On A Canvas Of Sand

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Quahog Shell On A Canvas Of Sand 20211027 850_2821Quahog Shell On A Canvas Of SandA quahog shell holding the water of a receding wave presented on a canvas of coarse sand and surf tumbled broken shells.

One of my favorite activities is walking the beach in the off-seasons. During the summer, maintenance people drag and clean the beaches daily. Once Labor Day is over, that activity stops.

When the dragging stops, the beach becomes interesting. Shells appear. Then shells move. And then shells disappear in the surf. Or a child picks up a shell and takes them home as a treasure to show and share. But what is most interesting is that the treasures rarely remain on the beach. In fact, they may only be there for a few moments and then whisked away.

So it was with this shell. And I am so glad that I managed to take this particular photo. The quahog shell washed up on the shore in coarse sand made up of tumbled stones and broken shells. The inside of the shell shows exquisitely detailed lines of purple and other colors. It cups the remains of the water that washed it up on the shore. A bit of fine bottom sand is under the water.

An instant after I took this photo, a wave swept it back out to parts unknown. But I was able to find a little treasure to bring home and share.

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