Reflecting By The Lake by Keith R Wahl, Made From RI Gallery

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Fireplace In The Glow Of Sunset

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Fireplace In The Glow Of Sunset 20210907 850_9698Fireplace In The Glow Of SunsetA fireplace on Indian Lake in the light at the brink of sunset

When encountering a sunset, it's not all about the sunset. It's about the light. Don't only look at the sunset. Look at what the light is doing all around.

The light at sunset is different. It is softer. And as a result of that softness, the things around look more relaxing and pleasant. Shadows appear and colors change. And with this metamorphosis of light, our moods and attitudes change.

The light of sunset also gives us time for a pause before night falls. Reflection occurs, both literal and figurative. And while trees both reach for the light and surrender the day, we all take time to realize that this is renewal time. A time to review and say "Good Day" and look forward. A time for rest and renaissance.

Subtle Glow On Indian Lake

Subtle Glow On Indian Lake 20210907 850_9704Subtle Glow On Indian LakeThe subtle glow of early evening light as the trees reach out over Indian Lake

Reflections In Sunset Glow

Reflections In Sunset Glow 20210907 850_9726Reflections In Sunset GlowThe northeast shore of Indian Lake illuminated and reflected by the setting sun

Reflective Early Evening Moments

Reflective Early Evening Moments 20210907 850_9710Reflective Early Evening MomentsReflective early evening moments on Indian Lake

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