Yellow Roses of Autumn by Keith R Wahl, Made From RI Gallery

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Dewy Yellow Rose of Autumn 

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Dewy Yellow Rose of Autumn 20211012 850_2105Dewy Yellow Rose of Autumn A yellow rose of autumn in Narragansett, Rhode Island. Wetted in the morning dew and fading even as it blooms.

Streetside Autumnal Yellow Rose

Streetside Autumnal Yellow Rose 20211011 850_2103Streetside Autumnal Yellow RoseA streetside yellow rose in autumnal sunlight

I have read that yellow roses are not cherished as red roses, but they are without exception cheerful. If this is so, and I do believe that it is, finding yellow roses in the midst of autumn offers double the cheer. They are, after all, in the mix of colors of the season.

The wonder of living in seaside communities such as Narragansett is the flowers. Moreover, people are so proud of their bounty that they place them streetside. They are frames around the houses and properties. It gives an inviting village feel of old. It is inviting, cheerful, and makes the world a neighbor.

In Autumn, seeing these flowers is a conversation starter. One does not expect to see the flowers as the light changes, but they are there nonetheless. They are more delicate. They fade even as they bloom. But they are there bringing us together in the conversation of seasonal color. And this adds to the precious, cheerful quality of the yellow rose of fall.



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