A Gathering Of Classics. Photography and Text by Keith R Wahl

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A Gathering Of Classics

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A Gathering Of Classics 20211023 850_2772A Gathering Of ClassicsA gathering of classics moored in Wickford Cove

Boats on a Mill Cove in Autumn

Boats on a Mill Cove in Autumn 20211023 850_2748Boats on a Mill Cove in AutumnBoats on a Mill Cove in Autumn

Late Afternoon Glow

Late Afternoon Glow 20211023 850_2787Late Afternoon GlowLate afternoon glow across Wickford Cove

What makes a classic coastal scene? I have spent so much time along the coast of New England and I keep on finding myself seeking out classic views. Osterville, Massachusetts. Boothbay Harbor, Maine. Manchester by the Sea, Massachusetts. All are arguable classic views.

But for true classic views, I keep coming back to my native Narragansett Bay. I am a child of Rhode Island's bay more than I am any one place. Classic views abound here, and I explore them frequently. Warwick Cove. East Greenwich Cove. Bullock Cove. Point Judith Pond. Wickford Cove. These are classic places.

But back to the question of what makes up a classic maritime view. For me, it starts with boats with graceful working lines. The boats possess their own elegance without being huge; class over mass. Then add in a decided natural view with trees and marshes. The surrounding architecture complements rather than overwhelms the area. And most of all, protection and peace are as much felt and seen.

These referenced items make a classic coastal scene. And I am pleased that Rhode Island has them in peaceful abundance.

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