Blues And Golds Of Autumn. Photography And Text By Keith R Wahl

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Clouds And Fall Gold

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Clouds And Fall Gold 20211113 850_3291Clouds And Fall GoldAmong the golden leaves of Autumn, the skies start to cloud up ahead of a storm. In a few minutes, cloud cover will prevail.

The Autumnal palette of colors always seems to change with a flourish. The color sunlit on the trees is grand. Then with the kiss of a cool breeze, the colors descend and the palette changes.

The reds, oranges, yellows, and russet browns on the trees clear the way for the cool of blue above and below. The blue is the harbinger of the coming winter palette, changing from warm to cool.

As the leaves float and flutter to the ground and into the water, one thinks that this is a change with style. If the season and the weather must change, Fall does so with elegance and grace.

Reflections And Leaves In The Water

Reflections And Leaves In The Water 20211113 850_3274Reflections And Leaves In The WaterLeaves in the water with the clouds reflected from above.

Bubbles Rise Among The Leaves

Bubbles Rise Among The Leaves 20211113 850_3274Bubbles Rise Among The LeavesBubbles rise from the bottom of Worden Pond as the leaves of Autumn float. Clouds from above reflect against the surface.

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