Bright, Cheerful, Textured. Photography And Text By Keith R Wahl

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Bright, Cheerful, Textured 

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Bright, Cheerful, Textured 20211120 850_3343Bright, Cheerful, Textured A collection of shells of various types on the beach at Potowomut on the shore of Greenwich Bay in Warwick, Rhode Island

There is an unusual place at an intersection that produces fascinating views. That is if one pays attention. I pay attention because that is my nature.

The place is Potowomut. It sits at the junction of the west passage of Narragansett Bay and Greenwich Bay. It's part of Warwick, Rhode Island, but we need to go through East Greenwich to get there. The point overlooks a place where I grew up, Warwick Neck (of Rocky Point fame). Warwick Cove is also seen, where I launched hundreds of my little maritime adventures.

Now, what do I pay attention to? Everything. This is a place for sweeping vistas of this section of the shore. But because it is an intersection, there are deposits of shells of all types. The tidal currents move along this point from a combination of directions. This is why we pay attention. Every shore is different and offers new views by the time of year and weather condition.

As I look down, I see piles of nested shells. And in these piles, I find patterns and I find singular shells. And sometimes, I find the most pleasant of textures and colors. And these are the gift that this day of beachcombing brings.

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