Dramatic Clouds Ahead Of A Storm. Photography And Text By Keith R Wahl

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Dramatic Clouds Ahead Of A Storm 

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Dramatic Clouds Ahead Of A Storm 20211113 850_3293Dramatic Clouds Ahead Of A Storm Dramatic sunlit clouds over Worden Pond ahead of a serious Autumnal storm

There is a maxim, often attributed to Mark Twain, “If you don’t like the weather in New England, just wait a few minutes.” The thought dates back to at least 1915, and there is an ironic truth in it. But then again, we are quoting Twain whose writing is rife with humorous irony.

The photo featured in this writing, Dramatic Clouds Ahead Of A Storm, is the transition between minutes of New England weather. Minutes before, the sky was clear, sunny, and warm over Worden Pond. Then, the scud ( a formation of vapory clouds driven fast by the wind). Not much later the sky was thick and dark with clouds and the sun all but obscured.

We caught the moment between the minutes of change in this case. And in opposition to (or in spite of) irony, we see drama in these clouds.

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