The Electric Blazing Fire. Photography And Text By Keith R Wahl

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Cabin Lantern

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Cabin Lantern 2021113 850_3305Cabin LanternA light in a wooden cabin on a stormy autumnal day

"...a bright fire rapidly claims as its own all that is heaped onto it, devours it all, and rises up yet higher by means of this material." ~ Marcus Aurelius, Meditations

Marcus Aurelius is the oft-quoted Stoic philosopher-king (emperor by title, 161 to 180 AD). There is a lot to contemplate in Stoicism and its symbols. Most of these focus on humanity's mortality. Hence, one of the more popular symbols is the guttering or extinguished candle.

While I appreciate the meaning behind the guttering candle, I also find it too common. It has too much emphasis. Too much emphasis on finality.

My preference in symbology is the burning fire. Yes, the fire consumes fuel. But the fire also produces heat and light to work by. The burning fire is finite, but while it is here it provides warmth and light. I prefer the fire and perhaps, to be the fire.

So under the light and warmth of the electric fire in a wooden cabin, we have food and fellowship with friends, family, and acquaintances. While it is not a permanent condition, it is wonderful while it lasts. And it provides something more for the future.

Yes, the burning flame, the bright fire, is preferable for me. Living life with a passion while we have it. 


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