Fall Reflections On A Mill Cove. Photography and Text by Keith R Wahl

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Fall Reflections On A Mill Cove

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Fall Reflections On A Mill Cove 20211023 850_2728Fall Reflections On A Mill CoveFall reflections on a Mill Cove

Pleasant Lines On A Pleasant Afternoon

Pleasant Lines On A Pleasant Afternoon 20211023 850_2686Pleasant Lines On A Pleasant AfternoonA pleasant afternoon fall scene in Wickford Cove (Mill's Cove) with a small boat possessing a graceful sheer

Fall Foliage As Sails

Fall Foliage As Sails 20211023 850_2714Fall Foliage As SailsA little boat with a pleasant sheerline against fall foliage that fills in for sails

There are some things that draw us in. Their creation, it seems, is for viewership and pleasantry. Of these are fall and foliage amongst whispy afternoon clouds. Another is marshes near coves. And still another is a well-designed boat.

If these three elements combine, the foliage, marsh, and boat, then satisfaction exists. And that is the scene discovered in Mill Cove where it branches from Wickford Cove proper.

The scene is classic. It's the type of tableau that people seek out. Once found, they desire to look at it for hours. And this is why I captured these images. They will adorn my own walls. Because it is a shoreside story that offers calm and satisfaction in a hectic world. And I invite you to look and see as well. Because we all need a view that satisfies from time to time.


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