Stone Wall Gourds Against An Autumnal Backdrop. Photography and Text by Keith R Wahl

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Gourds Against A Fall Backdrop

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Gourds Against A Fall Backdrop 20211117 850_3224Gourds Against A Fall BackdropGourds stacked on a stone wall against a backdrop of fall foliage and harvested corn

Pumpkins And Gourds At The Stand

Pumpkins And Gourds At The Stand 20211117 850_3222Pumpkins And Gourds At The StandPumpkins and gourds on a farm's stone wall

Gourds Stacked On A Wall

Gourds Stacked On A Wall 20211117 850_3220Gourds Stacked On A WallStacked blue and yellow gourds on a stone wall.

The stone walls of New England and, in this case, Rhode Island farms are stories unto themselves. Stones found in fields stacked and arranged into walls delineating property. Simple, natural, and brilliant.

What I have observed over time is that the story does not end after building the wall. The story continues from season to season. And in Autumn, the annual story reaches its denouement.

Autumn is when the walls become decorated. Gourds and pumpkins appear. Their backdrop is the corn stalks of the seasonal harvest and the foliage on the trees. And the story continues as it prepares to witness another journey through the seasonal year.


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