Harvest Composition. Photography And Text By Keith R Wahl

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Harvest Composition

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Harvest Composition 20211107 850_3186Harvest CompositionA corn stalk and pumpkin in a post-harvest composition at a farm stand

Growing up, my maternal grandparents had a couple of hundred acres as a farm. This was a little bit over the Rhode Island border in Uxbridge, MA. There they raised beef steer, geese, and ducks. The waterfowl occupied the irrigation pond area.

The irrigation pond was next to where my grandmother's "garden" was. We said garden as a tongue-in-cheek phrase because that is how it started. The garden grew to occupy a few acres with everything from corn to pumpkins and strawberries.

Woe was to the heifer who tried to breach the fence for her sweet strawberries. Picture a robust Dutch lady with prematurely white hair sprinting toward a field, yelling, with outstretched arms. In each outstretched was arm a pitchfork and a hoe. Grammy's war cry emanated from her lips.

In the fall things changed. The corn stalks were trimmed for either decoration or to add to the cattle feed. The canning and freezing process started. And the pumpkins became either decorations or pies. But to me, the corn stalks and pumpkins became the symbols of the harvest. As seen in the composition here.


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