Perfectly Imperfect Shell. Photography And Text By Keith R Wahl

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Perfectly Imperfect Shell

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Perfectly Imperfect Shell 20211120 850_3338Perfectly Imperfect ShellA quahog shell that has been attacked by a variety of marine life on the shores of Potowomut on Greenwich Bay in Warwick, Rhode Island

Studying shells can be fascinating. There is a wonder in their shape, and knowledge in their imperfections.

In the case of this shell on the beach, there was a multitude of hosts on the shell at different points in time. It is obvious that some form of worms drilled into the shell. This is not uncommon. It also appears that a barnacle or similar creature attached itself at some point. And finally, there is a deformity in the shell that says that a starfish might have sought a meal at some time.

The imperfections tell an interesting story. At one time a creature called this shell home. And that life was compelling.

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