Worden Pond In A Pumpkin Spice Frame. Photography And Text By Keith R Wahl

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Worden Pond In A Pumpkin Spice Frame

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Worden Pond In A Pumpkin Spice Frame 20211113 850_3272Worden Pond In A Pumpkin Spice FrameA crisp framed Fall view of Worden Pond in South Kingstown, Rhode Island

Crisp Fall Worden Pond

Crisp Fall Worden Pond 20211113 850_3284Crisp Fall Worden PondA crisp Fall view of Worden Pond in South Kingstown, Rhode Island

One of the aspects that I love about still photography is the ability to capture an exact moment in time. A single spot is never the same place twice. Photography allows us to capture both the subtle and stark momentary differences.

I know that this scene does not exist as it was a few days ago. In fact, a few short hours after I photographed this location, heavy weather hit. Three tornadoes within mere miles of this location. Heavy winds prevailed throughout the state (How rare is it for RI to see 3 tornadoes in November? | WPRI.com). We secured ourselves and rode out gale-force winds buffeted delicate autumn leaves.

So as many "pumpkin spice" products are seasonal and available for a limited time, so too are these colors. And they are even more wonderful and special as a result.


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