At The Water's Edge. Photography And Text By Keith R Wahl

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Bubbles Surround A Notched Clam Shell 

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Bubble Surround A Notched Clam Shell 20211027 850_2818Bubble Surround A Notched Clam Shell Bubbles form as a wave recedes from a notched clam shell on the shore

Clam Shell Upon Coarse Sand 

Clam Shell Upon Coarse Sand 20211027 850_2813Clam Shell Upon Coarse Sand A clam shell on the shore in the pebble-like coarse sand (the finer sand washed away in the surf).

At the water's edge, there is always something going on. Shells appear. And shells disappear. And sometimes, we have the privilege of viewing these wonders for a few moments.

The shell ridges expose colors and patterns on the coarse sand. Waves wash up and form bubbles from the air captured within the shell as they recede.

It is a little performance of waves, wind, and shells at the water's edge. And then, a larger wave lands upon the beach, and the shells are gone. But they were amazing to watch while they were there.

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