Rose's Empty Benches At Dawn. Photography And Text By Keith R Wahl

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Empty Benches At Dawn

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Empty Benches At Dawn 20211209 850_3613Empty Benches At DawnA dusting of snow among the empty benches of Rose Nulman Park at sunrise

There is a private park at Point Judith in Narragansett. Rose Nulman Park. It's a place visited all year long.

This visit was early on the morning of December 9, 2021. The visit was after light snow that placed a sugar-coated dusting on the ground. I rolled out of bed early to make this visit. I had to.

Why did I have to visit? Because the following posted on Facebook on the previous afternoon: (Rose Nulman Park - Posts at 1:51 PM)

"The Rose Nulman Park is permanently closing due to the dangers created by erosion. The park will be closed by Christmas.

Unfortunately, neither the town nor the state consider the park a priority and will not grant us any of the government funds received from the federal infrastructure bill. Without these funds, we cannot repair the damage caused by erosion which has made the park far too dangerous for visitors.

If the Park is a priority to you, please let your voice be heard by contacting the town and state representatives.

We want to save the park!

- The Nulman Family"

On a personal level, I remember sitting at a restaurant window watching the waves as a child. This was for my Grandpa's birthday. I ordered fried clams that day.

Later, long after the restaurant closed, my soon-to-be wife and I would buy hot buttered lobster rolls nearby. This is the place where we would come to eat them. After children, we would stop here and snack on clamcakes or doughboys. It's the first place that we would visit in spring or a place to stop because we wanted to look at the water. I have pictures of our boys when they were little lounging on the rock in view in this photograph. This is a place, a thread, woven into our lives.

And now, it appears that these empty benches will be empty for a while. Many of those benches are memorials set up by other lives that are woven into this place.

And for a time these benches will remain empty with the hope that this wonderful place will reopen. Hope that surfers will perform their ballet in the waves. Hope that couples will have lobster rolls and clamcakes here. Hope that children will lounge on rocks and run and play.

But, in considering all these thoughts, it is a great place to view a sunrise. Isn't it?


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