Iridescent Wild Turkey. Photography And Text By Keith R Wahl

December 29, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

Iridescent Wild Turkey 

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Iridescent Wild Turkey 20211227 850_4125Iridescent Wild Turkey A wild turkey in the field at the beginning of winter.

Wild turkeys are an interesting study in contrasts. They are these "common" birds. They are almost thought of as unpolished and unrefined birds. The simple wild counterpart of their domesticated counterparts.

Upon closer examination, wild turkeys have fascinating characteristics. What stands out are their iridescent feathers. They look different in different angles of light. As the angle of the sun changes (in early winter in this case), there are subtle changes in feather colors. Biology meets Physics (optics).

I wish to note that I also use optics in photographing such wild birds. I am aware of various birds' curiosity and sometimes their fear of predators. Sometimes, those two things commingle in the sighting of a camera lens. Rather than create an adrenal stress response in the subject, I take other approaches. For the most part, I hide from wild animals or I try to blend in with the background.


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