Late Afternoon Pastel Skies. Photography And Text By Keith R Wahl

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Late Afternoon Pastel Skies

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Late Afternoon Pastel Skies 20211120 850_3449Late Afternoon Pastel SkiesPastel skies of a fall afternoon over the Narrow River

Late afternoon at the shore or on the plains has similar effects. Living on the shore, there is a greater connection with what happens there due to exposure over time.

At sunset, looking the other way, to the east, one observes a different scene. Gone are the stark primary colors of red, yellow, and orange. They are instead replaced by subtle pastels in hues of blue and pink.

The pastels appear in layers, from the sky to the horizon in layered color and intensity. In the Fall and into the Winter, the intensity changes as the shoreline trees shed their leaves. On occasion, the winds and gales will shed a limb as well. This gives a more stark view of the horizon where the shore meets water and sky. This makes the pastels all the more prevalent as the fall colors change to harbingers of winter cold.

Nowhere are these phenomena of color change made more obvious than in tidal rivers. This is a prime example at the Narrow River in Narragansett.


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