Spinning Yarns While Rowing In Morning Fog. Photography And Text By Keith R Wahl

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Rowing In Morning Fog

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Rowing In Morning Fog 20210626 850_5591Rowing In Morning FogRowing among the moored vessels in a classic pulling boat in a foggy Newport Harbor

Rowing The Pulling Boat In Fog

Rowing The Pulling Boat In Fog 20210626 850_5590Rowing The Pulling Boat In FogRowing among the moored vessels in a classic pulling boat in a foggy Newport Harbor

Ghosts. Fog gives us impressions of ghosts. Mariners love ghost stories; fascinating yarns spun linked to history.

And a yarn spun of history is what we see in foggy Newport Harbor. A classic pulling boat rowed among the moored boats. This represents the 18th and 19th centuries, designed for the Age of Sail.

Among the moored boats is a Columbia 26 MK2. Stout and hardy. Thick, heavy fiberglass built vessels of the mid-20th century. Joining it is a sportsfisherman reminiscent of Rhode Island's biggest fishing tournaments.

Finally, in the background, there are two picnic boats in the shadows. These are also known as lobster yachts. These vessels of leisure belie the working history from which the design descended.

Yes, rowing through the fog in Newport Harbor is a trip through history. The Flying Dutchman itself may come to visit in these heavy, settled mists.

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