The Greatness Of The Small. Photography And Text By Keith R Wahl

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Climbing Out Of The Shadows

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Climbing Out Of The Shadows 20210804 850_8467Climbing Out Of The ShadowsA toad climbing a rock in Mammoth Cave National Park in Kentucky

My mother was a nurse who once had greater aspirations. She once had a scholarship offered to Tufts to study Chemistry. But being a Depression child and woman in a Dutch family, the money went to her younger brothers to study engineering. She went to nursing school, but her curiosity and intellect never stopped. She sought inspiration.

Much of my mother's intellectual stimulation and inspiration was sated at Warwick Public Library. As a child, the weekly trip to the library for a stack of books was part of life. As time went on, I read those books too.

Among the books that I adored, was "All Creatures Great And Small" by James Herriot. Herriot, as a veterinarian, examined all forms of domesticated creatures. But this view of the world made me aware of other creatures in my world which I began to notice and read about.

So wandering through the trails of Mammoth Cave National Park, I jumped years forward. Among amazing trees, I took note of a toad climbing out of the shadows. The little creature was no longer than a segment of my thumb. He is great in his smallness.

Climbing Toad

Climbing Toad 20210804 850_8465Climbing ToadA toad climbing a rock in Mammoth Cave National Park in Kentucky

Toad Back

Toad Back 20210804 850_8463Toad BackA toad from behind in Mammoth Cave National Park in Kentucky


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