The Way To Patience. Photography And Text By Keith R Wahl

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The Way To Patience

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The Way To Patience 20211121 850_3318The Way To PatienceThe eastward view from Potowomut toward Warwick Neck and Patience Island on the West Passage of Narragansett Bay

Standing on the shores of Narragansett Bay as I am oft to do, a man approached me. He asked if what he heard was true... that I was a seaman who had studied philosophy from time to time. I confirmed that this is true and that while I studied philosophy, I placed no claims on being a philosopher. However, my free advice on the subject is worth every penny.

He then proceeded to ask me if I knew the way to Patience. I answered in a direct fashion that this was a simple matter. Patience is south-southeast of Warwick Neck where I grew up. I know Patience well.

The man said something about being wise with rather an odd inflection. He said that some Prudence was necessary. I said, of course... that is to the east of Patience.

I sincerely Hope that he benefitted from our conversation.

NB: For those reading from afar, this is a total fabrication with the following exceptions. I did study Philosophy in college as part of a required core curriculum and continue my studies into the present day. I did grow up on Warwick Neck and quahogged between Prudence and Patience Islands (preferring the Patience side). I have been a seaman and seagoing officer. Prudence, Patience, and Hope are islands in Narragansett Bay as named by Roger Williams. One can read more about the islands here: Prudence Island.doc ( And the free advice is truly worth every penny. 


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