Warm Rocks And Cool Water. Photography And Text By Keith R Wahl

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Warm Rocks And Cool Water

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Warm Rocks And Cool Water 20210620 850_5010Warm Rocks And Cool WaterA small cairn or pile of rocks on the rocky shore of Point Judith as waves splash a few feet away. The sun is warm on the rock tones against cool ocean water.

Some call them stacks of rocks. I prefer to call them "cairns". There is something about the Scottish Gaelic lilt that makes "cairn" sound idyllic.

In some circles, cairns have become controversial. The act of stacking rocks has become a question of environmental impact. And in the forest, I would agree. But this is the shore. Nothing here is completely permanent. Wind and tide see to the constant change.

By the water, I see cairns in their ancient orientation. That is as primitive waymarkers. Connections between ocean and land. Here on the edge of Rhode Island Sound pointed south, these are here to stimulate the imagination. This is where wishing and wanderlust meet. This is the place for the old salt to place the hand on the youngster's shoulder and recount experiences. This is where we imagine where we would go and adventures to be had.


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