Windswept Seagrass Allure. Photography And Text By Keith R Wahl

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Windswept Seagrass Of Potowomut 

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Windswept Seagrass Of Potowomut 20211121 850_3360Windswept Seagrass Of Potowomut Shadows fall as the wind sweeps the seagrass of Potowomut as we look across the channel at Warwick Neck

Seagrass is a fascination of mine. It's that thing that we see on the beach dunes and along the shores that catch our eyes. It seems that it does not belong there, yet it is there. It stands out as a result, anomalous.

But we should pay attention to seagrass. It tells us about where we are. If we listen and observe, we become part of a story.

There are whispers of warm summer breezes and violent hurricanes. There are tales of shifting sands with endless tides. We read about stones that have smoothed with wave action and shells delivered to the shore.

The tales of seagrass are enduring linking us to the eternal. The whispers in the breezes that sing across the seagrass are what bring us to this place.

Warwick Neck From Potowomut

Warwick Neck From Potowomut 20211121 850_3357 1Warwick Neck From PotowomutThe view of Warwick Neck across the channel from Potowomut on Narragansett Bay


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