Winter Beach Walk. Photography And Text By Keith R Wahl

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Winter Beach Walk

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Winter Beach Walk 20211226 850_3625Winter Beach WalkWalking on the beach in late December. The beach roses are browned, a ship offshore and hands in pockets

Walking on the beach in winter is a little different than in other months. Most important, one plots the wind. When walking into the wind, one covers the face. Then we hold our gloved hands behind us to reduce wind resistance. Waling with the wind gives us a moment to catch our breath, uncovering the face, and the hands move to the pockets.

The beach scenery changes in winter as well. The sand is not groomed and the wind, wave, and tide carve patterns into the sand. The sky and water take on different, deeper colors with different sun positions. And of course, plantings take on the sandy brown rather than the greens, whites, and pinks of summer.

Despite the changes and the sometimes biting wind, we are still drawn to the shore. We still desire the feel of sand beneath our booted feet. We need to walk by the sounds of the waves and where the air is clear.


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