Pink Blossoms of April by Keith R Wahl, Made From RI Gallery

April 17, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

"The older I grow the more do I love spring and spring flowers. Is it so with you?" ~ Emily Dickinson

Blossoming Pink (Select the photo to see in a larger format)

BlossomingPink20210414_850_0857Blossoming PinkPink flowers in spring

The sun's descent is a little bit later in April. Its special light gives soft illumination to the changes that April brings. Changes that we have awaited with tense patience since the end of winter.

We wait, watch, and anticipate as we watch our favorite plantings. Passing a favored bush, we check for the potential of buds daily. Then they appear. It's not overnight. The perception is that the slow progress may not be happening, but it is. And then, the glorious color of pink appears. It is here. In the soft afternoon light, the harbinger of true spring is here. And a gentle smile forms as subtle as the flower's bloom.

Pink Illuminated (Select the photo to see in a larger format)

PinkIlluminated_20210414_850_0846Pink IlluminatedPink flowers of April

Blooming Pink (Select the photo to see in a larger format)

BloomingPink_20210414_850_0854Blooming PinkPink flowers budding in springtime

Sunlit Pink (Select the photo to see in a larger format)

SunlitPink_20210414_850_0894Sunlit PinkPink flowers budding in spring
Pink flowers in spring

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