A Visit From Carol by Keith R Wahl, Made From RI Gallery

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A Visit From Carol

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A Visit From Carol_20210610_850_3726A Visit From CarolThe Mountain Laurel visits in June

Mountain Laurel carries with it the nickname "Carol". It is significant to our family that it flowers in June. It means that a family member that has passed comes to visit.

The lady who would swim around Great Island in Narragansett. The lady who costumed theater groups. The lady who loved swordfish. The lady who left us too soon. The grandmother our children never knew. My wife's mother. Her name was Carol.

So, we remember and talk. We share memories. Because, pink and bright, we have received A Visit From Carol.

Carol Mountain Laurel

Carol Mountain Laurel_20210610_850_3724Carol Mountain LaurelThe Mountain Laurel visits in June

Mountain Laurel Cluster

Mountain Laurel Cluster_20210610_850_3729Mountain Laurel ClusterThe Mountain Laurel visits in June

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