Behind The Final Curtain by Keith R Wahl, Made From RI Gallery

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"I believe in the immortality of the Theatre, it is a most joyous place to hide, for all those who have secretly put their childhood in their pockets and run off and away with it, to play on to the end of their days."

~Max Reainhardt

Behind The Curtain

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Behind The Curtain_20210529_850_3138Behind The CurtainBackstage at the old East Providence High School

Looking behind the scenes on the final curtain of the East Providence High School in the last days of May 2021. Destruction of the old facility will start soon. But those who tread the boards, who played the music, who walked in honor, will remain forever. This is a place that touched lives.

And The Band Played

And The Band Played_20210529_850_3125And The Band PlayedView from the stage into empty audience seats at the old East Providence High School

Beating The Drums

Beating The Drums_20210529_850_3150Beating The DrumsBeating the drums at the old East Providence High School

Backstage Memories Of Plays

Backstage Memories Of Plays_20210529_850_3147Backstage Memories Of PlaysBackstage memories at the old East Providence High School

The Stage Fades Into Memory

The Stage Fades Into Memory_20210529_850_3168The Stage Fades Into MemoryThe auditorium at the old East Providence High School

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