Bow Watch by Keith R Wahl, Made From RI Gallery

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"Into each life some rain must fall." ~ Ella Fitzgerald

Into Each Life

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Into Each Life_20210612_850_3839Into Each LifeInto each life a little rain must fall. Especially when crossing the sound on a rainy day on the M/V Block Island

Into each life, some rain must fall, especially if your life is on an island ferry. Along with the rain come bow watches, wet windows, and rolling ships.

This is ferry and island life. The islanders and the crews grow accustomed to these sea conditions. Tourists will grumble with these conditions, but they need only wait. There is a clearing over the island fine on the starboard bow. But for now, the views of bulwarks and capstans forward are rain-covered. And we can tell you that they are playing jazz, perhaps Ella, at a classic island hotel restaurant. 

Bow Watch

Bow Watch_20210612_850_3842Bow WatchOn course to Block Island, aboard the ferry M/V Block Island, in the rain. The island is in sight.

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