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"In the LABORATORY, let's have more of the first five letters and less of the last seven."

~Sign on the wall of my high school Physics lab.

Beakers On The Rack

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Beakers On The Rack_20210529_850_3093Beakers On The RackBeakers on a rack in the lab at the old East Providence High School

In high school, mathematics, science, and the lab is either the dread or the salvation of student. For me, it was salvation. This is where I excelled and found myself. Balancing equations in Chemistry was a joy; seeing their impact come to life in the lab was an elation.

Wandering the halls of the East Providence High School, these subjects came to life again. Beakers and flasks in the lab room. In another the equation declaring the "part divided by the whole" expressed. These are the core of the chemistry lab put together.

Well-used equipment. Gritty. A film of learning and knowledge embedded in their visage. What a privilege to preserve these thoughts.

Part Of Unity
Part Of Unity_20210529_850_3006Part Of UnityA key to Science, Mathematics, Statistics founded in ancient Philosophy and expressed in Latin. It is a life lesson expressed mnemonically as applied to Mathematics. The thought that we are all a part of unity expressed on a gritty, well-used whiteboard.

Well Used Erlenmeyer Flask

Well Used Erlenmeyer Flask_20210529_850_3089Well Used Erlenmeyer FlaskA well used Erlenmeyer Flask awaiting its future at East Providence High School

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