Providence In A Tree Frame by Keith R Wahl, Made From RI Gallery

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"I'd give all the wealth that years have piled, the slow result of life's decay, to be once more a little child for one bright summer day."

~ Lewis Carroll

Providence In A Tree Frame 

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Providence In A Tree Frame_20210605_850_3463Providence In A Tree FrameViewing the Providence skyline through the frame of trees along the Providence River

I was hiking in East Providence, Rhode Island. I have an explorer's heart, so I have a tendency to find a path and ask the question, "What's through here?"

Today, I viewed something that I have not seen since childhood. That is the Providence skyline framed out by trees. I grew up on the peak of Warwick Neck. Looking north out our picture window, we could see the Providence skyline.

My artist grandfather told me to remember the view. There will be a day that it will be gone. But, if I remembered the view, I could find it again somewhere else. The trees grew and by the time I was of college age, the view had disappeared.

But climbing up along some rocks along the Providence River, I found the view again. For this moment on a bright summer day, I am a child again, looking out a window with my grandfather. I listen to his advice in my mind and press the shutter.

Providence Skyline Framed In Trees

Providence Skyline Framed In Trees_20210605_850_3467Providence Skyline Framed In TreesViewing the Providence skyline through the frame of trees along the Providence River

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