The Past's Mosaic Template Of The Future by Keith R Wahl, Made From RI Gallery

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The Past's Mosaic Template Of The Future

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The Past's Mosaic Template Of The Future_20210529_850_3121The Past's Mosaic Template Of The FutureGlass block wall outside the former pool entry at the Old East Providence High School created a rain speckled mosaic template for the new school building

The past is often an imperfect mosaic that leads us into the future. We look through a glass darkly; uncertain of what the future brings but knowing that the future is ahead of us regardless. 

On the last weekend of May 2021, my wife, Jen, received an invitation to visit East Providence High School. This is where she graduated from some years ago. The old high school building is being torn down and the education is moving to a new building.

This curved glass brick wall serves as a curtain wall entering the former pool area of the high school. It is an elegant detail that is well used, cracked, and hazed.

In the background, the new school is in view through the mosaic curtain. A view to the future from through the past.

We will be posting more on this subject in our gallery "The Last Of The Old East Providence High School". 

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