Under Lights At The East Providence High School Gym by Keith R Wahl, Made From RI Gallery

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The Luis S. Carvalho Court

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The Luis S. Carvalho Court_20210529_850_3111The Luis S. Carvalho CourtThe Luis S. Carvalho Court at the old East Providence High School

The high school gym is a place of elation for some, the obligation for others, and even dread for a few. There is an assurance that everyone has some memory of the gymnasium.

As the East Providence High School closes, a classic gym will go. The lacquered floors, the real wood bleachers, the block construction. The banners will remain, but this is a place blessed by memories of the athletes. It is also a place that may haunt the minds of former opponents.

This is a place of nostalgia. It is a place of honor. And in evidence, there is a name on the boards representing such recognition.

East Providence Gym Stories

East Providence Gym Stories_20210529_850_3113East Providence Gym StoriesA story in the gym at the old East Providence High School

Wooden Bleachers

Wooden Bleachers_20210529_850_3109Wooden BleachersThe grain of the classic wood bleachers at East Providence High School

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