Boats And Subtle Highlights by Keith R Wahl, Made From RI Gallery

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Transom Highlights

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Transom Highlights_20210628_850_5841Transom HighlightsTransom Highlights

There is a reason why boats and the shore are the subjects of metaphor throughout the arts. Boats are full of subtlety of light, curve, and texture.

In this case, we are looking at the boats of the URI Sailing Program at dawn on Point Judith Pond in South Kingstown, Rhode Island. We are looking to the west as the sun rises in the east. Every curve of the vessels catches the light and casts a shadow. The deck canvas shows every slight fold. And the repetition is a natural representation of sequences and series.

And there is peace of scene early in the morning. This is the time to examine boats at rest, before the activity of the day. This is a lesson I learned as a marine surveyor and when I learned to appreciate boats for their shape and form.

Boats early in the day are the art that surrounds us.

Subtle Morning Light On Racing Sailboats

Subtle Morning Light On Racing Sailboats_20210628_850_5729Subtle Morning Light On Racing SailboatsThe early morning sun is peeking over the horizon and casting a subtle light over racing sailboats on Point Judith Pond

Light Playing On Canvas

Light Playing On Canvas_20210628_850_5734Light Playing On CanvasEarly morning light plays on the canvas cockpit covers of racing sailboats.

Illuminated And Reflected At Rest

Illuminated And Reflected At Rest_20210628_850_5731Illuminated And Reflected At RestEarly morning sunlight illuminates and reflects among the resting racing sailboats on Point Judith Pond

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