Classic Tenders At Rest by Keith R Wahl, Made From RI Gallery

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Classic Tender

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Classic Tender_20210628_850_5815Classic TenderA tender or dinghy with classic lines sits on the dock in morning light at Point Judith Pond

The term "dinghy" means a small boat or tender for a "yacht". And there we have broached two maritime words from two languages.

The term "yacht" derives from the Dutch word 'jachten" which means "hunt". The concept comes from fast sailing Dutch naval vessels once used to hunt pirates. At some point, the concept of taking such vessels and racing them seemed like fun and a sport was born.

Now, "dinghy" has a different origin. It first appears in English in the early nineteenth century. The word itself comes from the Bengali, Urdu, and Hindi languages. The original meaning was that of a rowboat or small sailing vessel. These small vessels would carry passengers or lighter cargo from larger ships. This term seemed perfect for the other smaller boats used by ships and yachts as tenders.

So in this morning light, we see dinghies of classic lines waiting tenderly in the morning light. Soon, their owners will show up to lighter themselves to hunt down their yachts for a day's sail.

Morning Sun Brushes The Dinghy Dock

Morning Sun Brushes The Dinghy Dock_20210628_850_5777Morning Sun Brushes The Dinghy DockEarly morning light filtered through light fog brushes over the dinghy docks on Point Judith Pond

Dinghy At Rest In The Morning

Dinghy At Rest In The Morning_20210628_850_5807Dinghy At Rest In The MorningA dinghy rests on the dock in the morning light

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