Figure Eight, Half Hitch, And Flemished by Keith R Wahl, Made From RI Gallery

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Figure Eight, Half Hitch, And Flemished

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Figure Eight, Half Hitch, And Flemished_20210720_850_7908Figure Eight, Half Hitch, And Flemished Tied off at a floating dock with a figure eight, half hitch, and flemished.

Line handling is an active part of being aboard a boat. It is an art form necessary to create a stable marine environment. That means that a tied-up vessel stays put. There are dynamics, which is why we have spring lines (acting as their name implies), but staying tied up is the main idea.

For those of us who have practiced line handling, there is pride in this functional nautical art. We see it displayed here. The person tying off this three-strand bowline has taken a couple of figure-eight wraps around the cleat. They then flemished (coiled) the excess line. This secures the boat and makes certain that nobody trips over the line. And when needed, we know that the line will be free and ready for running.

All in all, a bit of work that is shipshape and Bristol fashion.

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