Painted Sunrise At The Pond by Keith R Wahl, Made From RI Gallery

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Painted Sunrise At The Pond

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Painted Sunrise At The Pond_20210628_850_5722Painted Sunrise At The PondEarly in the morning at the marinas at the head of Point Judith Pond (aka Stone Water Fence Cove)

As a youngster, a frequent vacation getaway was to take our boat to Ram Point Marina to stay for a few days. We would venture out of Warwick Cove and down the West Passage of Narragansett Bay. The swells would increase as we entered Rhode Island Sound and then bear to the west as we cleared Point Judith. Then into the eastern side of the Harbor of Refuge and north through the Port of Galilee and Point Judith Pond. Ram Point was the base of operations for the next few days.

This was convenient for us because the marina has facilities. Our boat was not huge and was workboat styled, so the availability of basic amenities was a necessity. Over the next days, there were trips to Block Island and around Point Judith Pond. When your father is a marine surveyor in that community, one cannot go somewhere on the water without visiting clientele (even on ferries, marinas, and fishing boats). 

But of all the memories of that time, beyond the day trips we took, I remember the summer mornings. I enjoyed getting up early and watching the sunrise in exactly this view. The boats have changed, a few houses have popped up, but the view is still as stunning. And knowing that I am alone when taking photos, most people miss this view... but I share it with our sons. 

Sunrise At The Pond

Sunrise At The Pond_20210628_850_5724Sunrise At The PondEarly in the morning at the marinas at the head of Point Judith Pond (aka Stone Water Fence Cove)

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